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The RECOVERY books, conferences, podcasts, gifts, etc. on this page are recommendations from those who have put together some sober time. I hope they will be useful to you as well! When you click on some of the books below, you may be taken to information about the book with options of places to buy it. The links to NON-PROFITS (e.g. - Alcoholics Anonymous) will go to their Intergroup Office so that organization will make the profit. PLEASE feel free to send me any of your favorite RECOVERY resources to add so we can continue to build a great list to support people around the WORLD! Thank you so much!

Gifts for You or Someone Else

(Clothing, “God Boxes”, Jewelry, Coins/Tokens, Tumblers, Mugs, etc.)


From Liz:

 From Rachael O.

From Laura C.

 From Caroline B.

 From Mela B.

Websites/Social Media

From Site Visitors:

Harriet Hunter/Beth (a.k.a. Elizza), from Twitter – “Trusting the process one breath at a time…”
Harriet Hunter Blog and her book Miracles of Recovery on SoundCloud

Greg W., Club East  Indianapolis – “helping you put your life back together . . . one piece at a time”

Nikki, Springfield, IL – Sept. 2019
Sincerly Sober

SoberRocks, West Yorkshire, England – Sept. 2018
Sober Rocks

My Life Without Alcohol, This is a blog that charts my recovery journey. I am a mother, a rubbish runner and a recovering alcoholic.
My Life Without Alcohol

Mike Arnold, Boughton Street, England – Sept. 2018
Mike Arnold, “Me, Myself, and the Other Guy” YouTube Channel

Mike, Indiana, USA – Oct. 2018
OWN Sobriety

Kellen Smith, Community Relations | Tuck Sleep, Seattle, WA – March, 2019

The following websites publish comprehensive information about secular recovery from alcoholism. Readers may subscribe to AA Beyond Belief and AA Agnostica, both of which publish weekly articles, podcasts, interviews, conference announcements and proceedings, book reviews and a wealth of information:


The podcasts below in yellow are links that you can click on to take you directly to that source:

From Liz:

From Site Visitors:

Jen Elizabeth, @Resurrekt_Of_Me on Twitter  and resurrektion_of_me on Instagram, Author of “Shape of a Woman”:

Online Meetings

The online meetings below in yellow are links that you can click on to take you directly to that source:

From Liz:

From Site Visitors:

Rachael O., WA – Aug. 2018

Secular online AA meetings go by names such as Quad A or AAAA (Atheist & Agnostic AA), Many Paths, Freethinkers, etc. A searchable list of meetings is available on the Secular AA website:


The conferences/conventions below in yellow are links that you can click on to take you directly to that source:

From Liz:

  • There are “specialized” groups within AA, as they are described in the pamphlet, The AA Group. They are also described as “special purpose” groups. These include doctors, women, atheists, etc. Here is a list of the very first annual or biennial conferences held by a number of these groups:

    IDAA – International Doctors in AA (1949)
    ICYPAA – International Conference of Young People in AA (1958)
    IWC – International Women’s Conference (1965)
    ILAA – International Lawyers in AA (1975)
    GAL-AA – Gays and Lesbians in AA (1976)
    NAI-AA – Native American Indian AA (1991)
    ICSAA – International Conference of Secular AA (2014)

     The only thing that is asked of these groups is that “they open the door to all alcoholics who seek help, regardless of profession, gender or other distinction”. (AA Group, p. 16) In my own experience, these groups do indeed do that, as I have attended several of these special purpose group meetings. ~Roger C.


From Site Visitors:

Websites/Social Media

The websites below are images that you can click on to take you directly to that source. They have been recommended by myself (Liz) and some visitors to the site.

From Liz:

Harriet Hunter/Beth (a.k.a. Elizza), from Twitter

From Site Visitors

Nikki, Springfield, IL

Harriet Hunter/Beth (a.k.a. Elizza), from Twitter

Harriet Hunter/Beth (a.k.a. Elizza), from Twitter

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