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A .A . Isn't for Everyone...and That's Okay!!

So I can’t comment on AA personally. But I saw this post (image via @sobrennity) and it struck a chord, it didn’t jive with my loved ones vibe, the all or nothin approach was never going to get him clean. And I did spend a lot of time in Naranon meetings and I loved having space to let it all out and just cry over what was going on, how desperate and hopeless I felt and it was a reprieve from how strong I had to be in all other places in my life. Still, what I ever got there, it wasn’t the action oriented ‘battle plan’ I needed. No therapist office satisfied that need either. And so I took the good from those places and I fought on against my loved ones addiction. Knowing that there must be a better way. ⠀

This is not a bash on AA. It is simply two things: 1. If AA does not work for your loved one right now, let’s find them other options that they are motivated to engage in that can support their path to healing and positive change, 2. If you’re looking for a space for yourself that brings forth evidence-based skills and tools that are proven to help, and that is free and open 24/7 and designed for us – the concerned significant others (that’s moms, dads, partners, family, friends – the people who won’t stop caring) then we are for you. We are accepting new members #everydamnday and we can’t build this village without you. #ittakesavillage

~Jane, The Addict Ally @theaddictally


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