Kate B.’s Story

World Traveling Didn't Stop Sobriety

My name is Kate B. My sobriety date is 11/22/84.

I was teaching on an army base in Nuremberg, Germany having the time of my life! I was traveling and partying nonstop across Europe!

Like a lot of practicing alcoholics, I didn’t really need an excuse to drink. But on this particular occasion, I was on my way to Prague, Czechoslovakia for Thanksgiving weekend and it was my 28th birthday. Czechoslovakia  was a communist country at that time and when we got to the border some very serious soldiers with guns didn’t appreciate my drunkenness or my sense of humor! The tour bus I was on had champagne and I made sure everyone I was traveling with was having a fabulous time. Needless to say, I was the drunkest, as always! I was unaware of how dangerous my situation was….and by the grace of God didn’t end up in a Czech prison.  I was falling all over the guards flirting and acting obnoxious, you know, drunk. Folks on the bus were trying to get me to shut up and sit down. This only fueled my ridiculous behavior. I kept encouraging the soldiers to drink. The Captain in charge gave me one last opportunity to sit down and shut up or he was going to arrest me!!!  I mostly complied. I fell down drunk and my companion put her hand over my mouth!

The next few hours I was passed out drunk!

This was my life….. since the ripe old age of 14! The events and stories were different, but mostly I drank and/or l drugged too much and I would end up in horrible situations. I had my first drink at age 9…..I was hooked from that first drink and then drinking alcoholically by age 14.

I promise you that the events that caused me to drink, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse were significant. However, more has happened to me in sobriety than while I was drinking, but I continue to stay sober one day at a time.
How you ask???? I don’t take that first drink or drug, even if my ass falls off. I go to meetings, and practice the principles of the AA program. I use a sponsor and sponsor women. But most importantly, I have a relationship with my higher power beyond my wildest dreams. My HP has taught me I can live without mood altering substances and  enjoy each and every day of my life. Which I do!!!!
I can’t say that I was the original party girl, but I was one of the first. I still party today, just without alcohol or drugs. We have parties ALL the time! My husband and I travel all over the world, mostly on sober cruises or by motorcycle. The majority of the people in my life today are sober people! My children are in recovery and have learned how to celebrate each day sober! My daughter and I went on a Sober Sisters  Cruise in January!
So No……Sober doesn’t suck!!!!!


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