Amelia H.’s Story

Drugs Were a Way of Life

I was an alcoholic of the desperate and destitute variety. I was living and working each day for the sole purpose of getting messed up enough that night to stop feeling anything at all. I would stumble or swerve home after a bender and crash into bed, only to wake up and do it again the next day. I was an emotional black hole, taking time, money, and energy from anyone who got close to me. I was spiritually bankrupt and I was a slave to my addiction. I lived to get loaded, and I got loaded so that I could continue living my life the only way I knew how. I was hopeless and miserable. I didn’t know what to do.

At 27, I had enough. I knew the curse of the Twenty-Seven Club, those dozens of artists, musicians, and celebrities who died at age 27 due to complications from drug addiction or alcoholism. Unwilling to depart this world at the same age as Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, or Jimi Hendrix, I made the decision to pack all my belongings in suitcases and boxes, take that month’s rent money, and buy a one-way ticket back to my hometown. I walked through the doors of a Twelve-Step Fellowship that same day, and I have been sober ever since.

Life has been a wild ride since August 2, 2012. I’ve had my fair share of bumps in the road. Although I got sober thinking my life would be all sunshine and rainbows from then on, it’s been anything but perfect. I’ve loved and lost, watched people grow in their sobriety, and watched people turn back to booze and end up dead. But through it all, I haven’t thrown away my most prized possession: my sobriety.

Instead of drinking or drugging over the rough times, I’ve learned to roll with the punches. I no longer have to pick up a bottle or a pipe in order to avoid my negative feelings. I’ve learned that feelings aren’t facts, they certainly won’t kill me, and my personal favorite, feelings will pass. I am able to enjoy living in the moment today, knowing that I am doing what the Universe intended for me: living my best life and helping make life better for the beings with whom I share this planet. All that started with a simple decision to get sober. From a fear-based life with no apparent way out to a faith-based life where all is well at this very moment, my life has been transformed by my sobriety.

~ Amelia H., WA


  1. admin

    I am so grateful to you for being my friend and being brave enough to contribute to this site. Of course you would! You are the type of person who says, “Yes!” You jump in to help others when asked, even if it means going on a website and sharing your story to help complete strangers from who-knows-where (we hope!). Thank you for letting me stand in the warmth of your glow. I love you, friend.

  2. denise Aldrich

    Thanks for sharing, Amelia!


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