Scott ~ Grace

Grace first and foremost is why I’m sober and breathing clean air today. Now the things I believe that contribute to keeping me clean today go simply like this. First I start the day with a prayer of thanks. I also take medication for my mental health issues which without my doctor and meds I could not maintain sobriety without. I spend most days surrounded by other people who have long term sobriety. I attended a meeting most nights. I have a sponsor who has a sponsor. I work the 12 steps out of the Joe McQ step book and it has changed my life.  As far as everyday living, I’ve been blessed to work for a company owned by a gentleman who is in the program and lives a great life. My coworkers are also in this process and working a program. I try not to dwell on my past to much and just focus on the day I’m in at the moment. To be honest with my mental health issues it’s a real struggle to get through most days happy, but I know that for real my worst day in sobriety is still better than my best day using! To go from the bottom I was laying in to the life I have today is truly a blessing and miracle. To me staying sober is the same thing as breathing because without sobriety I have no air I have no heartbeat I have no life. And for sure for this addict sobriety does not suck stay blessed don’t be stressed. And always remember worrying is praying for something bad to happen. Hit your knees hit your chair walk your steps enjoy this ride. May your higher power continue to bless you and thank you so much for this website. Sincerely,

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