Today, in America, there is A LOT of drama going on. Whether you have one day of sobriety, or several years, the Midterm elections will impact you in one way or another. And, if you’re not from America, believe it or not…the results here will impact you where you live too. That’s why there’s so much damn pressure!!!

I did the meditation at the bottom of this post this morning and it genuinely helped me and my recovery today.

So, in honor of MY sobriety, YOUR sobriety, and all the CRAP going on around us in this country JUST FOR TODAY, I am strongly recommending we all stop for 11 minutes and 48 seconds (REALLY 15 minutes)  for the following meditation. If you follow any of the 12-Step Programs, this goes well with the 11th Step too.

This is all I’ve got for today’s post. I hope this mediation helps you as much as it’s helped me. I’ll probably be doing it again before the day is over. That, and staying away from the political drama as much as I can.

No matter what happens, we have each other…we are sober…and SOBER DOESN’T SUCK!!

Just click on the title of the meditation/link below to open it. Then, when you get into the page, go down to the “play” button:

Guided Meditation: Metta (Loving Kindness) (11:48 min) by Tara Brach

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