It seems I owe an apology. I am sorry to those of you who believe I have gone against the 11th Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous which states: “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.”

I studied this Tradition, at length, over several months, with several people before I started this site. I thought I knew what I knew. I made sure not to make this a site that represented any specific 12-Step program. Yet, I did mention that I, myself, am part of a few, specific, 12-Step programs. I was on the fence about this. I wasn’t sure if this went against the Tradition or not. I know that my aim was – and is – not to “promote” any 12-Step program.

I am not here as an expert in anything. Hell, I’m not even an expert about myself!!

I’m grateful that I have not had a drink, or starved myself, or acted out with some guy, or took laxatives today. I like laughing and telling funny, weird, amazing stories. I LOVE reading the stories of others. And, more than anything, I cherish the opportunity to help others and see them get well and enjoy this life.

That’s it.

So, I have taken off MY direct references to 12-Step programs in most places and I’ve written a “disclaimer” about the site that you can find in a couple other places on the site that reads as follows:

I would like to say that I do not represent or speak for ANY 12-Step recovery program on this website. I have attended several of them – and may mention them – on this site. (As may many people who post on this site.) That does NOT mean I – or anyone else – are telling you to go to any of these programs or meetings, or are speaking on behalf of any of these programs. WE ARE ONLY SHARING WHAT HAS WORKED FOR US! Feel free to ignore or like anything you wish. Thank you.

I hope that covers everything and clears up my intention.

Pretty soon, I’m going to be adding some advertising to this site. MY INTENTION IS NOT TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF ANY 12-STEP PROGRAM!! All 12-Step program material is linked to be purchased from the usual non-profit service centers.

My goal in seeking sponsorship is to support those who create recovery based products, resources, and programs by advertising them on this site to people who are seeking those products, resources and programs. Hopefully, by connecting sellers and buyers with each other, I can make some kind of profit.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan on quitting my day job. I realize this isn’t a get-rich enterprise. I just hope it works out for all of us.

So, here I go…heading into MONTH TWO of this website with my eyes opened a little wider to what I’ve gotten myself into! I’m still beyond grateful AND and I still believe…

sober DOESN’T suck 😉

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