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First, I would like to say that I do not represent or speak for ANY 12-Step recovery program on this website. I have attended several  of them – and may mention them – on this site. (As may many people who post on this site.) That does NOT mean I – or anyone else – are telling you to go to any of these programs or meetings, or are speaking on behalf of any of these programs. WE ARE ONLY SHARING WHAT HAS WORKED FOR US! Feel free to ignore or like anything you wish.

Second, I have created this site as a resource for those seeking recovery from their addictions. I am grateful for over 25 years of sobriety and I feel I only had a small part in achieving this.

Third, I should mention, I curse/swear A LOT! Maybe it’s because I don’t drink, or cheat, or gamble, or purge, or do all the other major/illegal stuff  as an outlet for the BIG ICK inside. It’s my vice. It’s something you should know about me. It’s a character defect.

Final fun fact: I have NEVER smoked pot. Weird huh? Never once. Now it’s legal in Washington. It smells like skunk spray to me. Now I wonder when I’m driving, “Is that a skunk, or is somebody lighting up?

I am so glad you stopped by! If you are trying to stop an addictive behavior, I hope you will read something on the site that helps you. If you have found success with managing an addiction, I hope you will click on the “Contact Me” tab and let me know how you did. I will post your answer on the site. Your experience WILL help someone out there!

Oh…and just in case I haven’t told you lately…


years of continuous sobriety from alcohol

years of recovery from anorexia

years of continuous sobriety from love addiction

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