Sober DOESN’T suck…

        …having to chase your next drug or drink or high sucks!

So, stay here and focus on something else.

Maybe this picture of my dog can make you smile for one second.

Maybe something you read will interest you for one minute.

Maybe you’ll decide to add a comment to a blog post and write for one hour.

Stay here. Join us. You’ll see.


Sober DOESN’T suck.

Coming Soon...I hope!

I’m giving the website a makeover! The address and content won’t change (much), but the look of the site will be different. I hope you’ll like the change. I’ll get it done as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by and take care!


*Website Disclaimer*

I would like to say that I do not represent or speak for ANY 12-Step recovery program on this website. I have attended several  of them – and may mention them – on this site. (As may many people who post on this site.) That does NOT mean I – or anyone else – are telling you to go to any of these programs or meetings, or are speaking on behalf of any of these programs. WE ARE ONLY SHARING WHAT HAS WORKED FOR US! Feel free to ignore or like anything you wish.

Thank you for stopping by ~ I wish you well!

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